Wholesale items may be used in physical marketplaces as you desire. However, for online redistribution and/or resales, you may only use digital platforms that you own. Ex. You may redistribute/resell on your personal website or business site that you own. You may not redistribute/resell on Social Media sites, Amazon, eBay, or digital marketplaces that you do not own.
CMB Wholesale Structure:
Tiered Discounts; Minimum of 50 books, Maximum of 999 books per order.
50 to 149 books = $6 per book
150 to 249 books = $5.50 per book
250 to 349 books = $5 per book
350 to 449 books = $4.50 per book
450 to 999 books = $4 per book
  • Wholesale orders are printed at the time of order and can take 8-14 Business Days to ship.
  • To order wholesale, email us at colormebilingualllc@gmail.com

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