Wholesale items may be used in physical marketplaces as you desire. However, for online redistribution and/or resales, you may only use digital platforms that you own. Ex. You may redistribute/resell on your personal website or business site that you own. You may not redistribute/resell on Social Media sites, Amazon, Ebay, or digital marketplaces that you do not own.
  • Wholesale orders must be at least 50 coloring books.
  • Orders can be different coloring book as long as it's 25 of the same kind within the order. Example: You need 50 coloring books. All can be the same kind, or you can have 25 of Spanish and 25 of French. Or any of the others, as long as it's at least 25 of each.
  • Wholesale orders can go up to 500 coloring books in one order.
  • Wholesale orders are printed at the time of order and can take 3-14 Business Days to ship.
  • To order wholesale, email us at wholesale@colormebilingualllc.com 

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