Custom Coloring Book Concept Creation

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Service Package! Please Note: This is to come up with an amazing unique coloring book concept based off YOUR current ideas or desired target audience. The service comes with unique Concept, Name, Slogan, etc. As well as bulk printing and illustrator referrals. 

Do you have an idea for a coloring book and need help taking it to the next level? Or do you need a cool, unique, out of this world coloring book concept that will sell? 

I can help with that! 

  • Create a coloring book concept, based on your ideas and suggestions, and make it unique and irresistible to buyers.
  • Unique Company/Coloring Book Brand Name
  • Unique Slogan 
  • 2 Illustrator Referrals (if you want me to design the coloring book there’s an additional cost)
  • 2 Bulk Printing Company Referrals
  • How to Upload Amazon Instructions 
  • Note** If you want me to do the cover and illustrations, versus using my referrals, I’m only available for illustrating coloring books that will be 80% text based and simple illustrated pictures, purchased, or copyright free clipart. You can choose that option below.
  • If you order the  Custom 5 illustrated pages. Note that they are simple, less detailed, minimum background, but they will be handrawn and custom.  

 ***NOW OFFERING A PRINTING OPTION for me to do everything from BEGINNING to END!***

After ordering either option, you will be contacted via email with the next steps of the process. You’ll be emailed to give us the following information:

  • Target Audience
  • Your ideas or Suggestions
  • Concept Must-Haves 

View one of my concept creations here

Turnaround Time: 

  • 3-8 Business Days Concept only
  • 3-14 Business Days Concept + 80% Illustrations 
  • 15-40 Business Days Concept + Full Detailed Illustrations 

When ordering either package, we will work closely, and communicate regularly, up until completion, in order to bring your idea to life. 

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